Club Coupe du Monde Team U.S.A. won the silver medal at the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie’s Americas Continental Selection in Santiago, Chile. They, along with Chile (Gold Medal) and Argentina (Bronze Medal) will join the winners from the European selection: the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Denmark, as well as France.   The final three selections, the African Pastry Cup, the Asian Pastry Cup, and the Middle East Pastry Cup will take place this fall. The winners from each continental selection will compete in the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie finals on January 20-21, 2023 in Lyon, France. 

Chef Julie Eslinger, team captain, and Chef Jordan Snider competed in the five-hour competition against six other countries from the Americas for one of three qualifying slots. Each team was required to produce three tasting and two artistic creations (one sugar and one chocolate centerpiece), as well as a buffet display integrating their creations and reflecting their chosen theme. Team U.S.A.’s theme was “casino.” 

Team U.S.A.’s dessert presentations were:

  • Frozen Dessert – the frozen fruit dessert, entitled “Lucky Sevens” was inspired by the reels on a casino slot machine and the iconic, lucky “7” imagery. The team chose tropical flavors: avocado ice cream, coconut ice cream, classic strawberry sorbet, and a bold mango parfait.
  • Frozen Lollipops – named “Neon Lights,” reflects the vibrant colors found in neon signs typically found inside and outside a casino. The dessert combines lemon with strawberry and subtlety of hazelnuts.
  • Restaurant Dessert – named “Sleight of Hand,” was inspired by the creaminess of Valrhona Bahibe 46% paired with the Valrhona Tainori 64%. Reflecting the vivid tropical flavors, “Sleight of Hand” paired perfectly with their frozen dessert and frozen lollipop. This restaurant plated dessert blended fresh banana ice cream, fresh mango, and flavors of passion fruit.

Team U.S.A’s other team members include François Behuet, executive pastry chef at the Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles.

The team is coached by two former Team U.S.A. participants: Chef Gilles Renusson, President, Club Coupe du Monde U.S.A., and Chef Andy Chlebana, pastry chef/instructor at Joliet Junior College in Illinois. Also a former Team U.S.A. member Chef Christophe Feyt, Executive Pastry of Hilton Hotels & Resorts in Dallas, Texas, serves as one of the team’s consultants.

Team U.S.A. is sponsored by Valrhona (Founding Sponsor), Nielsen Massey, CapFruit, Paris Gourmet, Midwest Imports, AUI Fine Foods, St. Michel, Chef Rubber, Irinox, Bit Baking, de Buyer, Robot Coupe, Tomric, The Ekus Group, Clement Designs, and Steelite USA.