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Can pastillage be brought in assembled or must they be built on-site?

Q: For pastillage, are the components allowed to be brought in assembled with glace royale (for example a box for support and/or structure) or do they need to separate pieces and built/assembled on-site?

A: Pastillage must be brought in non-colored (unless marbled) and non-assembled. It should be brought in polished and eventually sanded so you do not waste precious time during the competition.

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Q: For the 4-hour time period on Monday specifically for sugar work, are we allowed to cast pieces and molds so they set overnight?  Is it simply an additional day to prepare with no restrictions on what is being done?

A: Just consider these first four hours as the start of the competition. You should plan to prepare anything which will speed up your work:

  • Cooking of ice cream and sorbet, assembling of entremets, mise en place of the remaining recipes for the plated dessert, casting of your bigger chocolate or sugar pieces, assembling of the pastillage elements if needed.
  • Do not forget that the large sugar pieces will be cool the following day and may need to be warmed up before assembling.

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What can we bring in pre-made and what do we need to make on-site?

Q: Are the entremets and plated dessert to be made from scratch during the competition or are they simply being finished?  For example, entremets being glazed, plated dessert to be plated with components added…

A: Sponge, doughs, meringues, dacquoise may be brought in. The rest must be done in the competition kitchen as we want to evaluate the participants working skills. It is advisable to assemble the entremets and to cook the ice cream or sorbet bases during the four hours of mise en place on Monday August 14th.

You should bring the recipes pre-scaled in order to save time during the competition.