Pastry Team USA

Representing the US in the World Pastry Cup

Apply for Pastry Team U.S.A. 2021 Try-Outs

Club Coupe du monde U.S.A. is preparing for the selection of the team of three pastry chefs: one chocolatier, one sugar artist, and one ice carver.

Date and locations will be announced before May 31st.

Rules of the contest:

This competition is open to pastry chefs, chocolatiers, and ice cream specialist from all sectors of our industry, retails, hotels, clubs, and educators.

All participants are free to illustrate any theme in their presentations.

The participants will have 10 hours, from 6:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to create a centerpiece and a chocolate cake, ice cream torte, or plated dessert.

Artistic sugar centerpiece and chocolate cakes (entremets)

Must present a centerpiece composed of approximately 20% pastillage, 20% blown sugar, 30% pulled sugar, and are free to use any technique for the remaining 30% of the centerpiece.

Must also present two chocolate identical, glazed, chocolate cakes (entremets) of 600 g to 1000 g each (including the decoration) using any of the Grand cru Valrhona chocolate. These cakes must be assembled during the competition. The participants may only bring the baked layers of cakes.

Ice carving and ice cream cake (entremets glacé)

The participants will be given two blocks of ice of 100 cm x 50 cm x 25 cm to carve into an artistic display.

The participants will also prepare two identical ice cream cakes composed of an outside layer of fruit ice cream or sorbet. These two ice cream cakes must weight between 800 and 1120 g (including the decoration).

One of these two ice cream cakes will be presented on the carving and the second will be presented on a tray provided by the organizers.

Chocolate centerpiece and plated dessert

Six (6) identical plated desserts containing products typical of your region.

The chocolate centerpiece will be composed of approximately 20% sculpted chocolate, 20% modeling, 30% molding, and the remaining 30% may be techniques chosen by the participant.


Please send the following with your application:

  1. Indicate the category in which you would like to participate
  2. A letter in which you will clearly explaining your goals and aspiration.
  3. Copies of pictures of your artistic creations and chocolate, ice cream cakes, or plated desserts.

You may want to make copies of your original pictures as none of them will be returned to the applicants.

Please send your applications to:

Chef Gilles Renusson
Secchia Institute for Culinary Education
Grand Rapids Community College
151 Fountain N.E.
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

To obtain the entire set of rules contact Chef Gilles Renusson:

Competition Order for Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie 2019 Announced

Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie 2019 is fast approaching, and the running order of the competition was announced this week.

For the Grande Finale 2019, only five countries were automatically qualified for the finale in Lyon, France, based on their past performance, instead of the usual seven. These teams are, in order: Italy, Japan, the United States, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. There will be 21 teams competing in total.

Team USA will be in Lab 1 on Day 1, with Team Japan, 2017’s Silver medalists, in Lab 3. The No. 1 ranked Team Italy will be in Lab 5. Rounding out the Top 5 countries, South Korea will be in Lab 9 on Day 1. The United Kingdom is the only county in the Top 5 slated for Day 2, who will be in Lab 3.

Here is the full running order for the competition, which will take place Jan. 27-28, 2019.


Cherry honey caramel bonbons

**Utilizing Andros Cherry Purée.

Granulated sugar 250
Water 70
Honey 100
Glucose 75
Butter Elle & Vire 135
Cherry purée Andros 185
Tainori 74% Valrhona  
  1. Defrost the cherry puré
  2. Coat the chocolate molds with tempered Tainori 64% Valrhona chocolate.
  3. In a medium cook the sugar and water to light caramel.
  4. Remove from the heat, incorporate the glucose, then the honey, the butter and the cherry puré
  5. Cook to 108 C, (226 F) remove from the heat and chock in a bowl of cold water.
  6. Cool to 25 C (77 F) before using.
  7. Pipe in the chocolate coated molds and top with a thin layer of chocolate.
  8. Cool overnight at 17 C (63 F) and unmold.
  9. This filling can also be used as plated dessert decoration.

LOGO Andros Chef fd blanc

Strawberry and Guava Mousse with Rhubarb Compote

**Utilizing Andros Strawberry and Guava Purées and Andros Rhubarb Compote

Strawberry and Guava Mousse

Strawberry Purée Andros 500
Guava Purée Andros 215
Gelatin Mass 150
Italian Meringue 400
Whipped Cream Elle & Vire 500
  1. Warm Andros Guava Purée and melt gelatin mass, combine with Andros Strawberry Purée and whisk to combine very well. Desired temperature should be room temperature.
  2. Make Italian Meringue and slowly add purée mixture while whipping at low speed.
  3. Fold in whipped cream.


  1. Make the mousse and portion into verrines of desired shape and allow to set.
  2. Add the Andros Rhubarb Compote followed by some decorations of your choice.

LOGO Andros Chef fd blanc

Lemon Curd Tart with Citrus Meringue and Raspberry Coulis

**Utilizing Andros Lemon Curd Fillings and Andros Raspberry Coulis

Citrus Vanilla Pâte Sablée

Butter 120
Salt 2
10X Sugar 90
Almond Flour 30
Eggs 50
All Purpose Flour 235
Lemon Zest 5
Vanilla Beans Nielsen Massey 1
  1. Mix butter with salt and 10X sugar until combined, but do not aerate.
  2. Add dry ingredients, previously combined with lemon zest and scraped vanilla bean. Mix until crumbly and resembles a streusel consistency.
  3. Add eggs and mix on medium speed until fully homogenous.

Citrus Italian Meringue

Sugar 250
Water 70
Egg Whites (fresh) 90
Lemon Zest 5
Grapefruit Zest 5
  1. Cook sugar and water to 118 C.
  2. Whip egg whites with zests until soft peaks.
  3. Add syrup in a slow stream while whipping on medium speed.
  4. Continue whipping to cool the meringue to desired piping consistency.


  1. Sheet Pâte Sablée to desired thickness and line tart rings.
  2. Par bake the crusts and cool on a wire rack.
  3. Fill with Andros Lemon Curd Filling or other Andros filling products.
  4. Pipe some Andros Raspberry Coulis in the center of the Andros Lemon Curd Filling, being careful so it doesn’t spread to the sides but is fully enclosed.
  5. Pipe Italian Meringue and brulée with a blow torch.

LOGO Andros Chef fd blanc

Coconut and Vanilla-scented Panna Cotta with Peach Compote

**Utilizing Andros Coconut Purée and Andros Peach Compote

Coconut Puree 300
Sugar 125
Vanilla Bean Nielsen Massey 1
Gelatin Sheets (each) 3
Heavy Cream 300
  1. Split and scrape the Nielsen Massey vanilla bean.
  2. Warm Andros Coconut Purée with sugar and vanilla bean until sugar dissolves.
  3. Bloom gelatin sheets in cold water and add to warmed coconut mixture.
  4. Strain and add heavy cream, burr mix without adding any air and portion.


  1. Make the panna cotta and portion into verrines of desired shape and allow to set.
  2. Add the Andros Peach Compote followed by some decoration of your choice.

LOGO Andros Chef fd blanc

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Nicolas Chevrieux – Team USA 2019

Chef Nicolas Chevrieux

Chef Nicolas Chevrieux

Chef Nicolas Chevrieux is the Executive Pastry Chef, Jean-Philippe Patisserie at Aria and The Bellagio in Las Vegas. He was selected as the Sugar Artist for Pastry Team USA 2019.

Chevrieux brings a wealth of talent to Maison Kayser USA, where he creates elegant French pastries, often re-interpreting classics by using new techniques or novel flavor combinations, inspired by his numerous travels around the world.  

Some of his most beloved creations for Maison Kayser USA includes the Adagio, a dark chocolate mousse cake brightened by an exquisite fresh passion fruit center, or the spectacular Yuzu lemon tart, whose delicate buttery crust is the perfect foil to a creamy yet ethereal yuzu lemon curd. Chevrieux is adept at creating beautiful pastries that burst with flavors but feel light and delicate.

Born in Orléans, France, in a family of pastry chefs and bakers, Chevrieux started to help his father at the family pastry shop at the early age of 10, where he quickly caught the pastry making bug. His father passed on to him his know-how but also a deep love and respect for the art of pastry baking. At 14, he started formal training in Paris at the French School of Culinary Arts, FERRANDI, and never looked back.

A member of the “Compagnons du Devoir du Tour De France”, a prestigious organization that regroups and trains France’s finest craftsmen and artisans, Chevrieux traveled across France and Europe for eight years to continuously perfect his art and teach. Back from his Tour de France, Chevrieux took over his father’s pastry shop, Caprices de Roi with his brother, a baker, where he delighted Parisians for another eight years before deciding to travel again.

In 2012, he arrived in New York where he worked as Executive Pastry Chef for the Ginza Project – a restaurant company with locations in New York and Moscow before joining Maison Kayser USA.

His numerous trips across the globe, including his experience in Europe and Russia, are constant sources of inspiration shaping his creations. Chevrieux is passionate about sourcing high quality ingredients from around the world and marrying unexpected terroirs and regions to invent unique pastries, where each ingredient can shine.

Today, Chevrieux shares his sumptuous creations at Maison Kayser USA and oversees a team of 60 pastry cooks in charge of executing delicious French pastries with the finest ingredients and impeccable technique.

Desirous to share his love for his craft, Chevrieux is regularly training pastry chefs in the making, and also participates in numerous national and international pastry competitions where he showcases his creativity and exceptional mastery. He won a Bronze medal in 2015 and a Silver medal in 2016 at the U.S. Pastry Competition in the Artistic Chocolate and Sugar Showpiece with Chocolate Cake, Bonbon and Plated Dessert.

Chef Nicolas Chevrieux will be participating in the sugar competition tryout for Team USA 2019, August 14-15, 2017, at Grand Rapids Community College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.