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Nicolas Chevrieux – Team USA 2019

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Chef Nicolas Chevrieux

Chef Nicolas Chevrieux

Chef Nicolas Chevrieux is the Executive Pastry Chef, Jean-Philippe Patisserie at Aria and The Bellagio in Las Vegas. He was selected as the Sugar Artist for Pastry Team USA 2019.

Chevrieux brings a wealth of talent to Maison Kayser USA, where he creates elegant French pastries, often re-interpreting classics by using new techniques or novel flavor combinations, inspired by his numerous travels around the world.  

Some of his most beloved creations for Maison Kayser USA includes the Adagio, a dark chocolate mousse cake brightened by an exquisite fresh passion fruit center, or the spectacular Yuzu lemon tart, whose delicate buttery crust is the perfect foil to a creamy yet ethereal yuzu lemon curd. Chevrieux is adept at creating beautiful pastries that burst with flavors but feel light and delicate.

Born in Orléans, France, in a family of pastry chefs and bakers, Chevrieux started to help his father at the family pastry shop at the early age of 10, where he quickly caught the pastry making bug. His father passed on to him his know-how but also a deep love and respect for the art of pastry baking. At 14, he started formal training in Paris at the French School of Culinary Arts, FERRANDI, and never looked back.

A member of the “Compagnons du Devoir du Tour De France”, a prestigious organization that regroups and trains France’s finest craftsmen and artisans, Chevrieux traveled across France and Europe for eight years to continuously perfect his art and teach. Back from his Tour de France, Chevrieux took over his father’s pastry shop, Caprices de Roi with his brother, a baker, where he delighted Parisians for another eight years before deciding to travel again.

In 2012, he arrived in New York where he worked as Executive Pastry Chef for the Ginza Project – a restaurant company with locations in New York and Moscow before joining Maison Kayser USA.

His numerous trips across the globe, including his experience in Europe and Russia, are constant sources of inspiration shaping his creations. Chevrieux is passionate about sourcing high quality ingredients from around the world and marrying unexpected terroirs and regions to invent unique pastries, where each ingredient can shine.

Today, Chevrieux shares his sumptuous creations at Maison Kayser USA and oversees a team of 60 pastry cooks in charge of executing delicious French pastries with the finest ingredients and impeccable technique.

Desirous to share his love for his craft, Chevrieux is regularly training pastry chefs in the making, and also participates in numerous national and international pastry competitions where he showcases his creativity and exceptional mastery. He won a Bronze medal in 2015 and a Silver medal in 2016 at the U.S. Pastry Competition in the Artistic Chocolate and Sugar Showpiece with Chocolate Cake, Bonbon and Plated Dessert.

Chef Nicolas Chevrieux will be participating in the sugar competition tryout for Team USA 2019, August 14-15, 2017, at Grand Rapids Community College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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