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About Sylvain Leroy– Team 2019 Selection Jury member

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Chef Sylvain Leroy

Chef Sylvain Leroy will be one of the members of the jury selecting Team USA 2019 at this year’s tryout.

Leroy began his career as apprentice for the great Pastry Chef and Traiteur Jean Roger Lenne at the ‘Maison Schaetjens’ in his hometown of Amiens, France. He later continued to expand his knowledge and creativity under many of the great chefs of France: Paul Bugat, MOF, Patrick Chevallot, MOF, Gabriel Paillasson, MOF, Louis Grondart, Chef de cuisine (Restaurant Jules Verne), and many more.

He arrived in the United States in 1987 as Corporate Pastry Chef for the Sofitel Hotel. In 1991 he then became Executive Pastry Chef with Hotel Inter-Continental Miami, which at that time was the largest hotel property in Miami. Then Chef Leroy took on the prestigious title of Corporate Pastry Chef for Valrhona Chocolate in 1994 traveling worldwide for 12 years.

Institutions he has taught at include: La Varenne “Chateau du Fey “Anne Willam. CIA in Napa; the French Pastry School in Chicago; Dubrulle Culinary Academy in Vancouver; Johnson & Wales in both Rhode Island and Miami. He has done many television programs including local cable stations, CNN and Food Network.

Impressive events as chef have included: The White House “Easter Roll” event; The New York Chocolate Show; Celebrity Chef for ‘Make a Wish’ Foundation Fundraiser Galas; Grapes for Humanity (Landmines affecting children) Disneyland’s Gala Dinners; Robert Mondavi Winery; Jordan Winery; and for the French Consulate in America and Canada. Le Salon du Chocolat Paris and New York.

Openings for world renowned hotels: the Atlantis, Bahamas, and Dune Jean George Restaurant, ST Regis Bora Bora also Lagoon another Jean George restaurant ,US Grant San Diego created great experiences for creating quality under pressure. (From managing brand new teams, recipes, budgets and style) with a short window of time for application. Kitchen time at some of the top tables in America has expanded his understanding of the industry in areas of management, communication, food costs and creativity with consistency.

Tryouts for Team USA 2019 will be held August 14-15, 2017, at Grand Rapids Community College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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