Pastry Team USA

Representing the US in the World Pastry Cup

Thierry Aujard – Team 2019 Tryout Participant

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Chef Thierry Aujard

Chef Thierry Aujard

Chef Thierry Aujard is the Executive Pastry Chef And Owner of Sweet Prosperity Bakery in East Norriton, PA.

At a young age, Aujard loved to run in between the large mixers of the growing manufacturing plant of La Romainville in Paris, where his mother worked for over 25 years. Then when he turned 15, he went to spend his summer at La Cognette, a great family-owned restaurant where his cousins spent their apprenticeship. There, he spent time at the “garde manger,” fish station, meat station and pastry shop. He discovered the beautiful world of the Kitchen, and the world of food well done. Aujard spent 3 years at “l’école Hoteliere de Paris, Jean Drouant,” and obtained his CAP and BTH cuisine.

Classic French Cuisine of course was where Aujard started and learned core rules of the field with the experiences that many wish to have under their aprons. It was not until after working countless hours at La Tour D’Argent and Pavillon Ledoyen that he decided to go to the United States to pursue his career as a chef. While in the United States, Aujard built a good foundation for a caterer in the Philadelphia Suburbs cooking savory. Now after almost 15 years in the kitchen, Aujard had an epiphany and rediscovered his love for pastry and changed directions.

Becoming the Pastry Chef for Jimmy Duffy catering, Aujard found opportunity to implemented his love for pastry. Aujard has been a part of the pastry world for over ten years now, training and receiving guidance from the best pastry chefs the industry has to offer. He assisted top notch chefs such as Ewald Notter, Anil Rohira, Vincent Pilon, Stephane Treand, Jean-Marie Auboine in classes and demonstrations at the world pastry forum.

Like most chefs, Aujard needed more, so he grew interest in the competition side of the field. Aujard has competed in the 2007, 2008, 2009, and most recently, the 2011 U.S. Paris Gourmet Pastry Chef of the Year competition in New York. Aujard has also competed in the 2009 National Pastry Team Championship with Team Millican, where judges were so impressed with the perseverance of the team they received a Sportsmanship award. Growing a bond with his teammate, Aujard has assisted on two aired Food Network Challenges and received great accolades for the great work performed.

Aujard continues in perfecting his artistry by creating his own company providing customized sugar and chocolate pieces to restaurants, caterers, hotels, and private clients all interested by these unique sculptures.

Aujard worked for a semi-manufacturing company, Desserts International. He saw there, the potential in manufacturing baked goods, and also saw the need for more and better manufacturers in the specialty baking field.

Up for a new venture, Aujard started a new business with his wife Cherie, Sweet Prosperity Bakery.

“At Sweet Prosperity Bakery, we are manufacturing Pastries, Cakes and Brownies for other companies,” Aujard said. “We are co-packing cupcakes in a jars for Wicked Good Cupcakes. This is the biggest seller of cupcakes in a jar in the USA. We are working together to develop the brand, with new flavors, new products and new markets.”

Sweet Prosperity also specializes in infused liquor cakes, and produces liquor cakes for Great Spirits Baking Company. Aujard has developed a line of cakes infused with Jack Daniels, that is getting national recognition.

“Our goal, is to keep working with those company, to gain more market, and to create and expand our own brand.”

Thierry Aujard will be participating in the chocolate competition tryout for Team USA 2019, August 14-15, 2017, at Grand Rapids Community College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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